"Istanbul, an abandoned disco. Ornamented tiles reverberate the knocking of twelve hooves. Three centaurs stand around the fountain of the unknown present. The sound of sirens seeps in from outside, the centaurs get scared, rear up and gallop away. We were too late to see them, but the cracks which the hoofs had cut into the silent floral patterns were still there to be found. They seemed to be just the kind of sheet of music we were after...."

With  deep insight into electronic music and the everlasting  love of world and folk music we have built the  acoustic "trance folk" sound, based on tzigan, klezmer, balkan heritage combined with trance, dub, acid, and rap. We also  focus on jazz folk and play in jazz clubs.

The band was formed in Amsterdam 2012 as an offspring of international traveller band Orkestra Bohemika by  Simo and Péter. Later on it moved to the south of France and then to Transylvania. Now days we are working in our studio located in the  Káli Basin, Hungary. We are opened to new ideas and experimenting non stop in our music lab combining  different forms of art. Working with slam poet Getto Ferenc, Szigethy Kyo Marci film maker/Dj and Szigethy S. Eszter photographer. Producing electronic music  under the pseudo names  MaskaraDub and MSKR.

Simo Lakatos Barna

// vocal - guitar

Virág Péter

// viola - drums - vocal


Management & Booking


Email: simolakatos@gmail.com   

Phone: +36 20 2974713

artwork by Simo and Eszter