Virág Péter

musician, dancer, performer

1983 - Hungary, Tapolca

In my early childhood I found myself on stage as a dancer what I have been studying till the end of high school in the Fót Folk Art School under the wings of Zoltán Varga and Zoltán Balla. In the meantime discovering the world of hungarian folk music, I have met many famous musicians and inspired by them I myself started to play the viola. Listening to - and learning from Sándor Csoóri jr., András Soós, Sándor Sündi Csoóri, Gergő Csobán Szabó, Marci Éri, Péter Juhász etc. I have mastered my instrument and fell in love with it. I met Attila Kovács in a radio show who became not just my master but also a close friend and we have formed the “Attala Trio” where I played the jazz drums.  We combined jazz, rock, pop, blues and folk and created a unique sound. Later on I got in close contact with worldmusic in the band Orkestra Bohemika. With Simo Lakatos we launched the formation OriOnXpress in Amsterdam. Then I started the band GZK where i have been busy playing, composing and touring in the south of France. When I returned to Hungary I focused on my piano compositions and joined OriOnXpress again in the Káli - basin.

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artwork by Simo and Eszter